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Why insulate ?

Since every building element is a potential source of heat

loss, the industry has developed insulation materials and

products that cater for every aspect of construction from

roof to floor.

In the battle to halt climate change, the construction

industry is on the front line. The government has set

its zero carbon for new homes targets and outlined the

increasingly stringent standards it expects in approved

documents that support the technical “Parts” of the

Building Regulations.

Meeting the challenges of Parts L (Conservation of

Fuel and Power), E (Resistance to Sound) and B (Fire

Safety) isn’t easy, but the benefits are far-reaching. By

constructing energy-efficient buildings and installing

industry leading brands of insulation in to roofs, wall and

floors, our industry will reduce the significant amounts of

heat lost, saving millions of tons of carbon whilst creating

more comfortable and safe building environments.

insulating your home can save you money.

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